The Process

JLR Associates maintains a rich database of qualified candidates and resumes for a variety of fitness industry positions, augmented by an extensive network that facilitates every search. Many of these individuals are not actively seeking new employment and will not be discovered by a traditional candidate search. Once a client engages JLR, we embark upon our proven Four-Steps to Success® system: The Search, Present Candidates, The Interview, and The Offer!

The Search

With the client’s job description, qualifications and salary range in hand, we jump into action, searching for the right candidates to present for consideration. We use a performance-based recruiting system. Our process begins by working very closely with our clients to identify the top three or four primary performance objectives. These objectives define the major benchmarks that a candidate must achieve within the first six months to one year in order to be successful in the position. Then we use this information to filter the candidates and to identify candidates who have a proven history of success accomplishing similar work. We discuss compensation parameters of the position with our client and give feedback based on knowledge of the industry pay, competition, job responsibilities and geographic location. We begin searching for candidates locally first and then broadening our search if necessary.

Present Candidates

We usually submit 3 to 5 candidates who we feel will be potentially the right fit. We will then present recommended candidates to the client along with comprehensive pros and cons of each. We typically look at three areas when identifying potential candidates:

  1. Technical competency. This is fairly easy to measure and includes the ability to do the work and have a proven history of success doing similar work in the past.
  2. Motivation to do the work. This is much more difficult to measure. We must get examples where the candidate has exceeded expectations, as well as examples where they were motivated to excel.
  3. Individual & Team skills. This is divided into areas of individual skills and operating as part of a team.
  4. Cultural Fit. We identify candidates who have worked in similar situations and environments where the organizational structure, price points, sales culture and ownership values are in alignment with your company.

The Interview

After we submit candidates to you, we will arrange a phone, Skype, or face-to- face interview and debrief candidates after the interview and report back to you; and because of our knowledge of the industry, it is very easy for us to do referencing. We will then present recommended candidates to the client with comprehensive backgrounds.

We make sure the candidates we present are clearly interested and clearly understand the compensation parameters.

The Offer

We make sure the candidates we present are clearly interested and understand the compensation parameters.

We work with you to structure and negotiate the right compensation package in order to secure the chosen professional.