How to Attract Top People

It is not easy to attract and retain top people, and top people can be very selective when considering new opportunities. Recognize that great candidates often have multiple employment options to explore and the amount of time they spend exploring new opportunities is minimal. Here are some of the most important things these candidates are looking for:

  1. A strong career move, not just the job.
  2. The quality of the company. The company has an established plan to grow and improve
  3. The quality of the management team. Great people want to work with the best.
  4. The right job fit in both short-term challenges and the long-term growth opportunity.
  5. Compensation plan. The compensation must be competitive and the job must provide real growth opportunity.

Also, top candidates will be closely evaluating your hiring process. Make sure you and all members of your hiring team are on the same page in terms of the real job needs and performance expectations. Be sure your hiring process is organized and professional from beginning to end. You will not attract great candidates with a hiring process that is disorganized, unprofessional, or too arduous.

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