• We help you sort through a myriad of talent…and find qualified candidates quickly!


When an executive search is done right, the search consultant becomes just that — a consultant to your company. In this critical role, JLR Associates will help you sort through a myriad of talent related issues, including:

  1. Gain a understanding of the real job needs;
  2. What the candidate must accomplish within the first six months to one year to succeed;
  3. Identify candidates for you who have a proven history of success specifically doing that work.

We can help your company throughout the entire hiring process; discussing compensation parameters based on our knowledge of the industry, factoring in competition, job responsibilities, and geographic location. We then reach out to those candidates, arrange interviews, and assist with salary negotiations, and we do this all while maintaining the strictest of confidentiality. As a recruiter, we can take over the job many managers or owners simply don’t have time to do. But more importantly, we can find qualified candidates quickly.

With forty years of experience in the fitness industry, we have a vast network of candidates and resources that we can tap into. Besides providing qualified candidates quickly. We can advise what salary the company can expect to pay good candidates; how to interview candidates better, which will lead to fewer hiring mistakes; and we can assist in negotiating offers.